With Coldfire IT monitoring, you can keep your devices safe, secure and up to date without doing a thing, see below for all the benefits of IT monitoring for home and business.

Coldfire Monitoring

Coldfire Monitoring & Antivirus

£10 per month for all this:

or for an extra £5 per month:

  • Computer health monitoring

    Be alerted if there is a hardware issue with your computer, before it becomes an issue for you

  • OS updates

    An out of date operating system can slow you down and potentially open the door for security vulnerablities. Coldfire monitoring silently installs updates to keep your computer up to date

  • Program updates

    As with your operating system, out of date programs can cause issues and vulnerabilities. Silent install means your programs are working as they should

  • Weekly cleanup

    Over time your computer can become clogged up with old and unused files, Coldfire monitoring runs a weekly cleanup to get rid of the junk

  • Communication client

    If you have an issue that is more of a gentle nag rather than a full blown migraine, just use our messaging system to send us a message and we'll resolve the issue or contact you when it's convenient for you

  • Remote support

    Getting help couldn't be easier! With remote support you simply accept our request to connect, show us the issue and watch as we resolve it, meaning you don't need to wait for a call out and can get on with your day

  • Coldfire monitoring

    Everything that comes with the standard Coldfire monitoring package

  • Coldfire security

    Powered by Comodo, one of the worlds leading antivirus providers, Coldfire security keeps you safe and secure. If a virus does make it's way in, we're alerted immediately so we can remove it before it's an issue

  • Discounted labour rates

    As an advanced Coldfire subscriber, you will be entitled to a whopping 20% discount off all labour charges!